Badger Farming Company

The Company

Our highly-skilled, dedicated farm management team, including our own in-house entomologist, utilizes the most advanced farming techniques. The Sequoia research group works to improve our citrus products by conducting field experiments and by monitoring existing growing conditions.

Minimum Impact Farming

Our farms are not currently "organic," but we practice "minimum impact farming" techniques that are designed to have the minimal effect on the environment. Our farming practices include: a minimal use of pesticides and the most environmentally friendly pesticides; the use of beneficial insects and biocontrol agents (such as Aphytis wasp that preys on California Red Scale); and the use of low input irrigation to save water.

Other Farming Practices

Since citrus is susceptible to frost damage at temperatures below 27F, we are vigilant during time of cold weather to protect our trees and fruit. We have over 350 wind machines and use several helicopters to provide frost protection by generating wind currents over the groves bringing down warmer air from the inversion layer. We also maintain a test plot of over 35 new varieties in our effort to find the best quality and tasting fruit for the future.

Farming Staff

Badger Farming Staff

Our Farming staff has over a century of combined experience in the growing of citrus, allowing us to produce the best fruit possible.