Sequoia Orange Company

The Packing Process

The grading process starts with a Black Light Room, culling out any fruit that show signs of rot. After that the fruit is washed and dried and sent to the state-of-the-art AutoLine grader, which automatically pre-grades the fruit, using 3D weight density scanning, culling fruit with scarring. It also separates between fancy, choice and standard.

After the automatic grading, all our fruit is hand graded by our highly experienced graders. All fruit that has been graded as top quality, "Fancy," is then re-graded by a second team of graders to make sure no substandard fruit has slipped in.

Finally the staff at hand pack stations are the final graders, taking out any substandard fruit that may have slipped past. Sequoia is one of the few remaining packing houses that still has the capability to hand pack every piece of fruit going through the house. It is an old school process, but when conditions call for it, we can ensure that only the best fruit makes it way to the customer.

Sequoia also has a separate line for specialty fruit, such as melogold grapefruit and tangerines, which allows us to remain flexible on our main line.

Packing House Staff


Packing House Staff

As with our farming operations, it is the people who make the difference. Their attention to detail, harvesting, grading, inspecting, packing, precooling, and shipping all insure customer satisfaction.